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Our Story

A cool summer morning stroll with my mom through the Downtown Farmers Market in Pioneer Park made us nostalgic for "that something". And that something was the aroma of freshly baked empanadas that brought us so many happy memories. 

The following summer we decided to follow that inspiration and opened our Argentina's Best Empanadas small booth at the same farmers market, making traditional Argentine empanadas every Saturday. With the help of our customers, we have added other fillings with a twist to appeal to the local palate. And now, we sell the best handcrafted Argentine empanadas in the Valley.

We pride ourselves in offering five varieties of homemade-style empanadas filled with local grass-fed beef, fresh produce, and healthy ingredients all year long.  Our empanadas are made in Salt Lake City, Utah with locally and sustainably grown ingredients. We make it a priority to buy locally sourced grass-fed beef from Jones Creek Beef and lamb from Morgan Valley Lamb.

Argentina's Best Empanadas strives to guarantee freshness and quality empanadas. We now have a storefront!! and you can come to get your empanadas for breakfast and lunch!!

For large orders, please allow us 24-48 hrs to prepare your order for large orders. Just call us and we promise you our empanadas will impress your next family gathering, your corporate party, or anybody in your office that tries one.

Ana V.

rows of empanadas with wrapping