TRADITIONAL BEEF: local ground beef sautéed onions, green olives and chopped boiled eggs.

LEMON BEEF: local ground beef, onions and tomatoes marinated in fresh lemon juice.

ROASTED CHICKEN: roasted chicken with sautéed red, orange, yellow peppers and spices.

HAM & CHEESE: an Argentine classic, cooked ham and locally made squeaky bee cheese from Beehive Cheese Co.

CHEESE GREEN ONIONS: locally made squeaky bee cheese curds, by Beehive Cheese Co and green onions.

BREAKFAST: scrambled eggs, bacon and cubed cheddar.

SPINACH FETA CHEESE: fresh sautéed spinach and feta cheese. 

CHIPA BREAD: a GLUTEN FREE yucca/tapioca starch cheesy bread, traditional of the northeast area of Argentina,  Brazil and Paraguay.

CARAMEL APPLE PIE (seasonal): a local traditional with a twist, made with dulce de leche.


Organic greens, pistachios, cranberries, and parmesan flakes cheese with a dill olive oil and lemon juice dressing.


Every LAST Friday of the month, we make homemade gnocchi (noquis) with a bolognesa sauce (meat and non meat available) to keep the Noquis del 29 tradition! Limited servings. Please contact us to reserve yours.


Alfajor de Maicena: butter style cookie with dulce de leche, coconut rim and a hint of lime.

Mil Hojas: pastry layers filled with dulce de leche and a soft meringue top.


Sweet Mint: Traditional yerba mate drink, with sweet mint leaves. Served hot or cold.

Lavender & Almond Milk: yerba mate drink, lavender tea and unsweetened almond milk. Served Hot or Cold.

Sweeteners: Stevia or Cane Sugar individual packets. 



Coca cola classic, diet coke, sprite.

Izze sparkling juice, glass bottle: grapefruit, clementine, blackberry.

Perrier Sparkling water, glass bottle.